Sandblasting is a mechanical process that mimics what nature makes on small pieces of polished glass that it is possible to find on the beach. A jet of sand at high pressure affects the surface of the glass making it dull. With the clever use of masks and adjusting the depth of abrasion, sophisticated effects of low relief are created. The sandblasted glass, being a “non-color “, playing on white and transparency, it is a piece of furniture that never bores over time.

The decorations that can be made with sandblasting range from the more traditional type Victorian and Art Nouveau to contemporary geometric patterns or up to the landscapes and figurative glass, virtuosity of glass art in which the glass is etched on various plans to get bas-relief rich in details. Today, in addition to the sandblasting of transparent glass, this technique can be made on frosted glass, glass plated or safety glass (tempered glass and accident prevention) so as to meet many different needs. The sandblasted glass windows are always in great demand for windows and doors.