Fused glass

The glass fused artistic windows are intended as an expression of an artistic-cultural journey that ranges from painting, to mosaic, to contemporary art, through a unique style and the ability to enhance the brilliance of the materiality of the glass, so that the artistic windows can be the protagonists of unique elegant and refined environments.

With the glass-fusing technique a new glass is constructed, using oxides and enamels to obtain interesting polychrome effects; different hand-crafted bases, can further embellish the windows and objects created with this technique.
Glass fusing is a relatively recent technique to create decorated glass panels, with the thermoformed, it is possible to create panels and three-dimensional objects with reliefs or bas-reliefs, so that the refraction of light gives prominence to the glass artefacts with passages of evocative light.

Glass fusion is an excellent interpreter of contemporary art, an artistic glass fusing window often becomes a luminous framework, a protagonist capable of enhancing any environment.