Sacred art

The Studio “Vetro Artefatto” designs and manufactures stained glass for the Holy Churches, Chapels, Places of Worship, Religious Institutes. We are specialized in the art of painting in grisaille and enamels. We take care of transport, installation and commissioning of safety.
We carry out inspections, technical and artistic advice. The stained glass windows and religious art objects are created on the original drawings where the formal research combines technical expertise. Works where the material come to life, the light and color become an instrument for the Gospel message.
We project for stained glass votive chapels and cemeteries. We customize the subject of stained glass art at the request of the customer, our study is always careful to interpret the many needs with professionalism, creating evocative works and with the ability to use all the glassmaking techniques from the classic to the most innovative. We provide transportation, installation and commissioning of safety. Artistic glass inserted in double glazing to avoid the formation of condensate and protected by safety glass.
The restoration of the glass is now conceived in a comprehensive analysis of the work, both from a technical point of view, that the historical and artistic heritage. The preserved parts are respected and well-established and deep knowledge of the techniques of glass art then allow the recovery and restoration of the damaged parts.
The study “Vetro Artefatto” deals with the restoration and the recovery of ancient windows, in apartments, public buildings and in places of worship, thanks to the expertise acquired over the years. We always guarantee a very accurate result and we are able to satisfy every kind of customer.


Cemetery chapels

Sacred furniture

Glass urns