About us

VETRO ARTEFATTO is an renowed workshop, active for years in the industry of the artistic glass, situated in the Aurelio district of Rome.
Founded in 2010 thanks to the passion and experience of Mirella Russo, already holds numerous awards for excellence in its field, achieved by the ability to combine traditional craftsmanship and new technologies.

Our many years of experience in the industry has allowed us to project the accurate knowledge of traditional techniques, such as lead binding, dalle de verre and the sandblasting, towards the union and the artistic evolution of existing ones, such as fused glass and temperated stained glass. The constant commitment to craftsmanship also made us to experiment with new technologies to improve our production without compromising the value.
Our creations are characterized as unique pieces, entirely handmade with high-quality glass, to interpret the tastes and needs of the customer. Professionalism, tradition and innovation are the principles on which we base our work, thanks to which we established numerous partnerships with architects, designers, artists and craftsmen to create unique objects of great craftsmanship value.
Our glass ranging from stained glass windows for churches decorated with panels for apartments and public spaces of contemporary taste, the realization of special projects such as the execution of sculptures commissioned by established artists. We will actively participate in trade fairs such as the well-known: “Abitare il tempo“, “Koinè” and “Casaidea“.

Mirella Russo

Transparency and color are the elements that characterize the Mirella Russo’s production. Already owner of “i vetri di Miru” she wanted to create new creative synergies founding this factory of glass and applied arts. Its Neapolitan origins are revealed in orange loads and in warm yellows of the Mediterranean fruits. Her training takes place ” in the craftshop “, where she learned the classic techniques of weaving lead, grisaille and Tiffany.

Deepens with research staff and specific courses, glass fusing, etching and collage. Among the many professional awards, including the quality mark of the Province of Rome for arts and crafts and the inscription in “Roma sublime art.”

Participated in numerous exhibitions dedicated to art and crafts including:

  • 2005 – Christmas in Valle Giulia Arts and Crafts at the Museum of Villa Giulia.
  • 2006 – Light and color shapes. ”Casina delle Civette” Museum.
  • 2006 – Exhibition of the European craft and cultural traditions. Castel Sant’Angelo.
  • 2007 – Waste copyright: the art of recycling. Spazio Etoile.
  • 2014 – Faith and Form: First review of Sacred Art and liturgical furnishings
  • 2015 – Faith and Form: Second review of Sacred Art and liturgical furnishings

But also exhibitions such as “Koine” in Vicenza, an exhibition about sacred art, “Abitare il Tempo” in Verona, “Casaidea” in Rome, where she was selected for a competition to design self-released in 2012.