Elegant glass urns

VETRO ARTEFATTO manufactures customized urns to order. Each urn is a unique piece made entirely by hand, offering a stylish and elegant solution. Made up of a solid wood base, decoration and shape can be customized, making real glass sculptures on which you can insert images and dedications. The urns are designed considering the legal and health regulations in force in Italy, which require the maintenance of the ashes in a “durable and unbreakable” container, commonly a sealed plastic bag, which must then be placed in the urn, whose materials can be of various nature (wood, metal, GLASS, fiberglass, marble, etc. …). This will also include identification systems (nameplate with personal ends) and sealing, as well as to prevent any desecration or accidental spill of ashes. The maximum size of an urn have no national legal limits but, in the case of location in funerary niches, are limited by local regulations, it is good, then analyze these restrictions case by case basis, bearing in mind that the human body produces about 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg of ashes.

Glass urns for pets