Church stained glass

Artistic windows of Sacred Art for Churches, chapels, places of worship and religious institutions, cemetery chapels, cinerary urns.

Restoration and repair

Restoration and repair of old stained glass windows, in apartments, civil buildings and places of worship.


Furnishing elements, sandblasted and decorated mirrors, engraved and fused glass tables, lamps, customizable design objects.

Stained glass

Stained glass made in this craftshop, are only made with the best materials: blown and opal glass, hand-painted with grisaille and oxides.

Artistic windows

VETRO ARTEFATTO is a craftshop of applied arts born from the union of glass artists in collaboration with designers and craftsmen. Located in Rome, it creates artistic windows with all the glass techniques, from traditional ones such as lead binding,dalle de verre and sand engraving, to the most current ones such as glass fusion and artistic safety and tempered glass. The color, light, transparency and brightness of the glass make these works unique pieces. Decorated glass and art objects take shape thanks to the artisan tradition and experimentation, technical excellence and attention to detail, such to create high-quality artistic windows. Here born artistic windows for doors, but also decorated glasses for dividing panels and for windows, furnishing elements, sandblasted and decorated mirrors, engraved and fused glass tables, lamps, design objects. The restoration of artistic windows is carried out paying particular attention to the stained glass windows decorated for sacred art. The taste of the client is sensitively interpreted in this workshop of the arts, creating unique and original, fully customizable and high quality decorated glass and paintings. In addition to creating unique and original works on glass, this laboratory participates in numerous artistic exhibitions and collaborates with many artists. Sculptors, painters, mosaicists, architects, designers collaborate in the creation of works of extraordinary artistic value.

Art objects



The glass fused artistic windows are intended as an expression of an artistic-cultural journey that ranges from painting, to mosaic, to contemporary art, through a unique style and the ability to enhance the brilliance of the materiality of the glass, so that the artistic windows can be the protagonists of unique elegant and refined environments.


The restoration of artistic windows is now conceived within a complete analysis of the work, both from a technical, historical and artistic point of view. The preserved parts are respected and consolidated and the deep knowledge of the glass art techniques then allow the recovery and reintegration of the deteriorated parts. The Vetro Artefatto studio deals with the restoration and recovery of old windows, both in apartments and civil buildings and in places of worship, thanks to the high specialization gained over the years. We always guarantee a very accurate result and able to satisfy every type of client. The restoration of leaded windows of churches and chapels is one of our specializations. Stained glass windows of sacred art often need a recovery or reintegration of pictorial parts that are possible only with a deep technical and iconographic knowledge.



Vetrate artistiche

La vetrata artistica è un gioco di luci.


Arte sacra

Le vetrate e gli oggetti di arte sacra sono creati su disegni originali dove la ricerca formale si unisce all’esperienza tecnica.



Decori astratti e un’esplosione di colore sono la firma che il laboratorio artistico Vetro Artefatto lascia impressa su lampade, piatti, specchi e tavoli.



restauro ed il recupero di vetrate antiche, sia in appartamenti ed edifici civili che in luoghi di culto


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