Stained Glass and Decorated Glass

VETRO ARTEFATTO is a laboratory of applied arts born from the union of  glass artists, designers and craftsmen. Located in the storic neighbourhood Aurelio in Rome, the laboratory creates stained glasses using all the glass techniques, from the traditional ones such as leaded glass, de verre technique and sandblasting, to the newer ones such as fused glass and artistic safety glass windows and tempered glass. Color and light, texture and material, the transparency and brightness of the glass makes these works unique pieces.
Stained glass and art objects are shaped in this laboratory , created with artisan tradition and experimentation, attention to detail and engineering excellence. Technical precision and creativity allow to create high quality stained glass windows. This is how the creation of stained glass for doors, but also decorative glass partitions and windows is made. Moreover, the art laboratory makes furniture items, sandblasted and decorated mirrors, engraved and fused plate glass tables, lamps, design works, produced by the skillful glass manufacturing. Here the glass is the protagonist in all its forms, and decorated glass is the bright scenery. Restoration is performed for stained glass windows and stained glass for sacred art are designed with great attention to the iconography and the customer needs. In this art shop we are sensitive about the taste of the customers, the architecture and the different techniques of glass art, creating high quality stained glass of great beauty. Furthermore, we do not only create original unique works of art, the laboratory takes part to several art exhibitions and works together with many artists. Sculptors, painters, mosaic artists, architects, designers and other professional figures contribute to the creation of extraordinary artistic value.