Stained glass, glass fusion and sand blasting are considered equally valuable techniques. In time, if the job is skillfully performed and if the materials are of good quality, the glasswork will increase in value.

If we consider a glasswork to be handicraft and not art, the parameters that are to be considered to determine its cost are: For sandblasting: the difficulty in achieving the selected design; the quality of the glass on which the work is performed; if the incision is in bassrelief or simple sandblasting. For glassfusion, we have to valutate the difficulty of the project, the number of pieces in the design; the thickness of the work and quality of the glass. For the stained glass, we have to valutate the complexity of the project, the number of pieces in the design, the quality of the glass, the possible insertion of grisaille and whether there is glassfusion (in case of mixed techniques). For these reasons, the cost of an artistic glasswork can vary considerably, according to the techniques used and the complexity of the execution.

Stained glass can be repaired by replacing the broken glass tiles, strengthening the welding, replacing the missing parts and by leveling it if it has been bent.

Safety glass can be glued to another transparent glass through special resins or by using the vetrocamera technique, which consists in inserting glass work between two other glasses.

The cost estimate is free if:- the client himself takes the measurements of the project and brings them to our laboratory;- the client asks information by e-mail;- the project site pre-work inspection and planning are free only once the client accepts our estimate.

Obviously, the price varies according to the number of glassworks that is ordered. However, there is some savings with multiple or large pieces because we are able to optimize the costs of labor and materials.

It is possible to obscure the image on the other side by using hammered or glazed glasses in the creation of glasswork.

Certainly, even if the sketch or design is not meant to be made in glass, we can definitely adjust it with appropriate technical changes.

Beside doors, it is possible to create lamps, mirrors, shelves, tables and everything that can be made with glass, given a personalized sketch and design.

Our laboratory cooperates with other artisans for the completion of the entire project.