In addition to the stained glass windows, a variety of everyday items, household, but characterized by the unmistakable sign of the artists.
Abstract decors
 and an explosion of color are the signature that the art laboratory “vetro artefatto” leaves imprinted on lampsdishesmirrors and tables.

There are numerous collaborations with architects and designers, and special projects for artist’s design. Vetro artefatto is able to customize any piece of furniture in glass, such as fused glass tableschairs with the session transparent and colored, multicolored glass framed mirrors, but also platessculpturesvases, born from the fervent creativity of the two artists.


Combinations of shapesdesign and color interacting through the use of exclusive glass beauty, creating environments within a game of contrasts and light reflections. The shapes of the composition and the perfect color combination of glass open to a thousand shades of color, endless fantasies of dressing. This is how the wall lights (wall lamplamps or furniture by putting on a console or coffee table. Also special lamps totem sculptures that now make use of the new technology of LED lighting to create a diffused light and low power consumption. The lamps can be customized for size, color and shape design.



The mirror frame with glass fusion combines different shapes and colors from becoming “simple mirror” a piece of furniture exclusive design.

The effects of the glass frame can be multicolored, textural, three-dimensional short, developed under a decorum project and customizable size that will make the mirror a piece of unique furniture.



Small pieces of glass, shards of light. Smooth surfaces, scratched, dented. And then an explosion of colors, lines, spirals. Murrine that bloom like buds, air bubbles crystallized, flashes of gold and copper.

The “vetro artefattocraftshop offers irresistible artistic objects, with a unique and valuable style. Perfect for a gift, even more beautiful to hold. Unique glassware, beautiful, customizable. It’ also possible to produce small series. We work with architects and designers making unique design, furniture and objects.


Glass sculptures

We produce glass sculptures with glass fusing technique, the slumping, the pate de verre.
The projects can be commissioned or our creation. Numerous collaborations with artists who bring us the designs of their works to carry them out in glass.


Recycled glass of author: Recycledart

Combining art and ecological awareness, here comes out the art recycling. Objects created from waste glassold windowsglass bottlesmarbles, all glass that is no longer used for new objects. So the art of recycling are revived old marblescoca-cola bottles and all that glass that would otherwise have ended up in the dumpster. Several times in the exhibition “Author Scraps” the craftshop vetro artefatto” creates glass objects from glass recycled waste fused together that come to life in a new form.